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AV - Alta Via dei monti Liguri

Section 7

from Passo Calzavitello

to Ceparana

We begin our last "section" (I take this opportunity to remind you that my online guide www.altaviainfoh24.com and this site are divided into geographical sections that have nothing to do with the daily stages that each biker will program as he wishes) of this spectacular mountain bike trail on the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri and its variants at the Calzavitello Pass, from where in just 4 km we reach the Rastrello Pass (also called Rastello) Here we immediately take the dirt road and pedaling with gentle ups and downs among the pastures of the wide ridge between the Val di Vara and the Valle del Magra, we will skirt the border between Liguria and Tuscany. Keeping just below the ridge, we reach Passo Casoni, from which we proceed slightly downhill enjoying suggestive panoramas from Monte Cornoviglio, up to the Alpicella Pass. Here, at the crossroads, follow the dirt road that climbs on the left, while the view can sweep east over the Magra Valley up to the Gulf of La Spezia.

We soon reach the town of Bruscarolo, followed by the Passo dei Solini, at an altitude of 560 meters. We now start loosing altitude, with the rounded and wooded mountains giving way to houses, vegetable gardens and olive groves, up to Ceparana, the final arrival point of the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri.


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AV - Alta Via dei monti Liguri
AV - Alta Via dei monti Liguri