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AV - Alta Via dei monti Liguri

Section 4

from Passo del Faiallo

to Pietralavezzara

May 2021, text under review.


From Passo del Faiallo we will descend along the SP73 always inside Parco Naturale del Beigua, which marks the separation between  the maritime side of the Bric del Dente and Monte Gallo.

Object of numerous restorations, we will discover the military fortress of Forte Geremia dating back to the Savoia age (this will hopefully become soon  another of the many accommodation facilities of Alta Via dei Monti Liguri).

In this section, breathtaking views of the nearby Ligurian Riviera on one side and the Po Valley on the other.

Reached the small village of Cappelletta di Masone (two restaurants, case need please check opening hours), a nice lane leads us to Masone where we will find accommodation and other services.

When out of the village, we ride along one tributary of Stura river and proceed in constant ascent up to Pratorondanino (catering on advanced request). We reach the asphalt on the SP4 that leads us up to the Piani di Praglia. From here spectacular views over Genova and its Ligurian Sea. After Piani di Praglia, we will begin the descent that leads us to Caffarella first, and then Isoverde (here shops and various services including pharmacy).


Note: for those who wish, just before Caffarella, it is possible to make a detour (off GPS track) to reach the three Laghi del Gorzente, a huge artificial  reservoir built at the end of the 19th century.


From Isoverde a short but steep climb leads us to Località Ghersi (700 meters before Pietralavezzara, famous for its green marble) where Claudio, author of the online guide

www.altaviainfoh24.com lives.

He is also the current telephone service provider of Alta Via Info H24

+39. 338. 16 29 347 and co-author of this site. He too is the owner of one of the many accommodation facilities on this route; here in Ghersi you will find its B&B Casa Torre.


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AV - Alta Via dei monti Liguri
AV - Alta Via dei monti Liguri