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AV - Alta Via dei monti Liguri

Section 3

from Bardineto

to Passo del Faiallo

We start cycling from Bardineto (accommodation, pharmacy, ATM, shops) on asphalt in the direction of Giogo di Toirano for about 1.5 km. When reached Case Giariolo, turn left to take the long dirt road (challenging climb in its first part) that leads us to Colle del Melogno.

Entering on asphalt, turn right downhill through the tunnel of the old fortifications dating back to the end of the 19th century.

At the first crossroads (trattoria del Din), turn left onto the SP23, then leave it almost immediately to take the dirt road downhill to the right (AV trail sign).


Variant: for those who want to shorten the journey and reduce the differences in height, once you have reached the Din Restaurant, you can continue on asphalt till Rifugio Pian dei Corsi.


Once you arrive at the Pian dei Corsi / Vivaio Forestale refuge, you enter the SP23 again to go down (fountain on the left) to the crossroads, which, taking left on a dirt road, leads us to Colle San Giacomo first (source and shelter), next to cross Colle del Termine and then finish at Altare (all dirt, magnificent descent into the woods with three fords) where we will find accommodation, pharmacy, shops, cash dispensers.

In the middle of the village, turn left following the SP12 for a few kilometers until the GPX track will make a sharp left turn on a dirt road, initially uphill, which will lead us to Ferrania following the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri trail signs "on foot"


We will cross the railway to turn right on asphalt, cycling a few hundred meters, sharp turn to the left to enter on a dirt road in the middle of a magnificent beech forest that will lead us to Cascina Miera (accommodation and food). From here we continue on a dirt road with a very short stretch of asphalt up to località Le Meugge (nearby, accommodation available at La Casetta di Kamma and Niels or Naso di Gatto).

We will continue on an easy dirt road until we reach the SP542 (before this intersection, accommodation at Casa Prepranda, at the intersection, grocery) which takes us to Giovo Ligure.


Variant: from Giovo Ligure it is possible to reach Sassello on a more demanding dirt road which, starting in front of the petrol station, crosses the Deiva Forest to then reach Sassello).


From Giovo Ligure, a relaxing and pleasant descent on the asphalted road takes us to Sassello, where we will again find accommodation, pharmacy, shops (do not miss the taste of local “amaretti”), cash dispenser, post offices.

In Sassello we will take the dirt road that leads us to Palo, then asphalt on low traffic roads that, passing through Alberola, will bring us near Vara Inferiore (shop) from where we will enter on a dirt road crossing the Bucastrella estate. Eight long kilometers on an uphill dirt road will take us to Passo del Faiallo where we will find food and accommodation at the hotel La Nuvola su Mare.


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AV - Alta Via dei monti Liguri
AV - Alta Via dei monti Liguri