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AV - Alta Via dei monti Liguri

Section 2

from Realdo

to Bardineto

We leave Rifugio La Terza (near Monte Saccarello) to go around the slopes of Cima Valletta della Punta, shall reach and overcome the Garlenda pass to connect to the Via Marenca path which, with a rather loose and stony ground, will take us to Colle del Garezzo (short tunnel, useful shelter in case of rain).

From Garezzo, always on dirt road, you go down to Colle San Bernardo di Mendatica (just before the Colle there is still an important landslide event now - May 2021 - being restored).

From Colle San Bernardo proceed on asphalt in the direction of Nava. The bravest bikers will be able to avoid stretches of asphalt by cycling along the “on foot” path of the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri, rather impervious and not always pedaled even by the most experienced. At the junction with road No. 28 near Nava, turn right to reach Colle di Nava (shops and accommodation at the Ristorante Albergo Sorriso). After the football field, you reach a large square used for parking. From this we continue to follow the signs of the AV which, on a dirt road, lead us to the Prale Pass (wind mills near the Pass).

Once you reach the asphalt, go up it up to Colle di Caprauna. A little more than a kilometer downhill and, on the left, we find the fork to reach the nearby Rifugio Pian dell’Arma; after this first crossroads, we come to another crossroads which, on a dirt road, leads us to Colle San Bartolomeo d’Ormea.

Fantastic descent (stony and bumpy in some points) in the middle of a lush beech forest up to the Tanaro River, from where you flank it on its right orographic bank along the cycle path that can be entirely cycled up to Garessio (accommodation at the B&B Porta Rose).

From here you go up on asphalt up to Colle San Bernardo di Garessio to then take the road, a short stretch of asphalt then all dirt, up to Bardineto where our Section 2 ends.


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AV - Alta Via dei monti Liguri
AV - Alta Via dei monti Liguri