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AV - Alta Via dei monti Liguri

Section 1

from Ventimiglia

to Realdo

We start from the Ventimiglia railway station from where we reach the sea which we skirt up to the Torrente Nervia that we shall follow along its bank on the cycle path to Dolceacqua.

We cross the bridge and take Via Monsignore B. Tornatore to go up and reach La Colla.

There the path joins the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri, becomes a dirt road on what was an old military road. On the left we find the top of Monte Abellio and on the right the view over the Val Barbaira, with the homonymous stream that crosses the small village of Rocchetta Nervina.

Along the military road we will pass under the former Paù Refuge (now closed, stone staircase) where we will find spring water in the cavity behind the building.

Having reached Sella di Gouta (possible stop and overnight stay in the homonymous refuge) we go up to Colla Scarassan and then descend to Passo Muratone. Here we leave the AV and, with a sharp turn to the right, we venture into the magnificent dirt road that leads us towards Pigna (possible stay at Ristorante Albergo Le Terme). Reached and passed the town of Pigna, the long stretch of asphalt begins that takes us to the 1,127 meters of Colle Langan (possible overnight stay at Agriturismo Il Rifugio). Beautiful and rich spring just before the pass.

From here the main track climbs to Colla Melosa (possible overnight stay at the inn of the same name) and then climbs (follow the GPX track available on the online guide www.altaviainfoh24.com)

up to 2,054 meters of the La Terza Refuge (catering and accommodation) near Monte Saccarello which, with its 2,201 meters above sea level, is the highest peak in Liguria.


Note: reached Colle Langan we can make two variants:

a) go down to Molini di Triora to go up to Triora, the village of witches… (shops, pharmacy, ATM, accommodation) and, from here, continue on a dirt road to Passo della Guardia and Colle del Garezzo where we will reconnect to the GPX track of the second section of the online guide www.altaviainfoh24.com

b) alternatively, having reached the town of Triora we can go up the magnificent Argentina Valley to the perched village of Realdo and then continue on a dirt road to the Bassa di Sanson, Passo della Guardia (attention: we will cross a long and dark tunnel, it is necessary to go in with adequate lighting) and Colle del Garezzo where we will reconnect to the GPX track of the second section of the online guide.


Online guide always updated www.altaviainfoh24.com with:

- itinerary, altitudes and gpx tracks

- accommodation

- water

- shelters

- restaurants

- services


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AV - Alta Via dei monti Liguri
AV - Alta Via dei monti Liguri